Does Hotel Harmony have a parking area? add

Yes, Hotel Harmony does have a parking area. Parking costs €40 per night.

Is there a parking area located near Hotel Harmony?add

The nearest parking lot is the Vrijdagmarkt. Which is a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

A good alternative are the other underground public car parks. Via the link below you will be able to check the occupancy (link is only available in Dutch, available parking spots are in the green)

Via the link below you will be able to consult the parking rates.

Is it possible to park my bicycle at the hotel?add

Yes, it is possible to park your bike in the hotel garage. Please, do notify us in advance.

Is Hotel Harmony located in the low-emission zone of Ghent?add

To improve the quality of air, Ghent’s city centre or the area within the R40 is a low-emission zone (LEZ).

Polluting vehicles that do not fulfill the admission requirements are no longer allowed to enter the zone. To avoid a fine, always check your vehicle before coming to Ghent.

Complete the test and find out whether your vehicle can automatically enter the Ghent low-emission zone. You can do the test via the following link:

All recent Belgian or Dutch cars do not have to register, but polluting cars do. As of all the cars from other countries do have to register.Does the hotel parking area have electric charging points?

Yes, it is possible to charge your car electrically in almost all the places.


Does the hotel parking area have electric charging points?add

Yes, it is possible to charge your car electrically in almost all the places.

Where is it possible to rent bicycles close to the hotel?add

– You can easily rent a bike at the Fietsenambassade, which is located very near to the hotel.

– At the stations Gent-Sint-Pieters, Gent-Dampoort, Drongen, Merelbeke and Wondelgem you can rent a Blue-bike.

– Via Dégage you can also participate in bike sharing: electric bikes, folding bikes and cargo bicycles.

– At various locations in the city you will find Donkey Republic’s orange share bicycles, Dott’s blue electric share bicycles, BAQME’s electric share cargo bicycles and Bolt’s green electric share bicycles. You borrow the share bicycles via the applications of the various providers. After renting, you return the bicycle to one of the many fixed parking spaces.


Is it possible to hand over my luggage before my room is ready?add

It is certainly possible to hand over your luggage at the hotel, we will be happy to store it. This is also possible if you have checked out and want to leave your suitcase at the hotel for a while!

Does Hotel Harmony have a gym?add

Our hotel has 3 cardio machines. A treadmill, a spinning bicycle and a cross trainer.

Does Hotel Harmony have a swimming pool?add

Yes. This is a heated swimming pool which is open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and only from May through September.

Does Hotel Harmony have a restaurant?add

Given our downtown location, we do not have a restaurant.

General information

What are the check-in and check-out times of Hotel Harmony?add

You can check in from 15:00 and check out until 11:00.

What time does the hotel door closes?add

The hotel door closes at 11:00, but it is always possible to enter with your room pass by scanning it. If you have not yet checked in or do not have a room pass yet, you can always ring the bell.

Is breakfast included in my reservation?add

If the reservation was made through our own website, breakfast is always included. If the reservation was made through, for example, you should check your reservation carefully, as this may differ.

What is the difference between a prepaid rate and a fully flexible rate?add

A prepaid rate is the most economical rate we recommend. With this rate, the full amount of the booking will be taken off your credit card immediately.

With a fully flexible rate, the amount will be debited from your account 48 hours before arrival.

With both rates, it is possible to cancel your reservation free of charge up to 48 hours before arrival date. Less than 48 hours before arrival date, you will be required to pay for the first night.

What is the address of Hotel Harmony?add

Kraanlei 37, 9000 Ghent, Belgium.

* * Please note: If you use the navigation through our website, you must take into account the pedestrian zone.

Is it allowed to smoke in the hotel?add

No, smoking is not allowed in the entire hotel. Also not in the rooms. However, it is possible to smoke in the courtyard. But only outside.


Is it possible to make a room reservation without a credit card?add

When making a reservation through our website we require a credit card as a guarantee. If you do not have a credit card available you can send us an e-mail to guarantee the reservation with the following options:

– paying a deposit (100%) by bank transfer to our bank account.

– paying an advance via a secure online payment link (you can request this link).

– In your confirmation e-mail you will find a link to our secure booking system. This link will allow you to enter your credit card details to guarantee your reservation. Two days before your arrival, the full amount will be charged automatically.

Is it possible to make special requests such as a certain room number or a room on a high floor?add

Yes, when making a reservation it is possible to indicate a preference under “special requests”. We will do our best to assign this room to you. However, we cannot guarantee that this room will be available during your stay.

Is it possible to change or to cancel my reservation?add

All bookings made through our own website can be changed or cancelled by email. Bookings not made through our own website, you can change or cancel through the booking company.

Is it possible to pay at the hotel?add

It is necessary to enter the credit card details when making the reservation. The payment will be debited from your account 2 days before the arrival date (or immediately).

How much does the city tax cost in Ghent?add

In Ghent, the city tax is €3.50 per night per person in tourist tax/city tax.

Is it possible to add breakfast and how much would it cost? add

Yes, this is €25 for adults and €13 for children.

Is it possible to have breakfast at the hotel if I don't have a room reservation?add

Yes, it is definitely possible to come and have breakfast at the hotel if you do not have a reservation. You can make a breakfast reservation by email or over the phone. We will check what the possibilities are!


Does every hotel room with a double bed have a king-size bed?add

Almost all rooms have a King bed, however, some rooms have a Queensize bed. This is indicated for each room on the website under room type.

In which rooms can an extra bed be placed?add

Almost all our Exceptional view rooms, almost all Luxury double bath and double Suite can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child.

Exceptional family rooms and Executive suite can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children.

Which rooms have a view over the river?add


and Luxury view rooms have a view over the river and the city of Ghent.

Does the hotel also offer rooms with a balcony/terrace?add

Yes, some rooms have a terrace. If you want to book a room with a terrace you can always book the Exceptional Terrace room. Some other room types also have a balcony. You can always email us about availability.

Does the hotel have connecting rooms?add

The hotel has 4 pairs of connecting rooms. Once you wish to book a connecting room please indicate this when making the reservation.