By Car & Parking in Hotel

Low emission zone Gent (LEZ)

In order to improve air quality, the city center of Ghent (area between R40) has become a Low Emission Zone (LEZ). Vehicles that do not meet the entry requirements may no longer enter the zone.

IMPORTANT! Even if your car is allowed to enter the zone you need to register your car in case it is not a Belgian or Dutch license plate number.


If you wish to use our charging station, please request this when making the reservation. We will then confirm according to availability.

Travel directions ( Only accessible via GELDMUNT)

Have you reserved a parking space?

Hotel Harmony is located in the car-free zone that was set up in April 2017 in the city center of Ghent. Don’t worry, you can easily reach us with the GPS. It is important that you use a GPS with an update after April 2017.

Enter ‘Lange Steenstraat’ as the last destination and from that destination you can use our drawn map:

  • Follow the tramrails through the ‘Lange Steenstraat’.
  • At the end of this street, follow the tram rails further into the ‘Geldmunt’. In this street you will see a big castle (Castle of the Counts) on your right and a sign on your left. This sign indicates you can only continue with a permit. Do not worry, as a hotelguest we will take care of this for you at reception.
  • At the end of the ‘Geldmunt’, turn left onto the ‘Kraanlei’. So do not follow the tramrails straight ahead nor turn right because these directions are prohibited. 
  • You can park your car in front of the hotel, at ‘Kraanlei 37’, and the receptionist will assist you further.

For having entered the car free zone you need a digital permit. This permit is not a physical evidence, but is acknowledged on the basis of your license plate. Please indicate at check-in that you are traveling by car and we will provide this permit by means of your number plate. It’s not possible to do this in advance.

Please note that acces is prohibited at several places in the city centre. At these places there are cameras, road markings and traffic signs: Ottogracht (Van Beverhoutplein), Botermarkt, Phoenixstraat, Brabantdam-Kuiperskaai and Coupure Hospitaalbrug. (see pics below)

We wish you a pleasant journey to Hotel Harmony.