Public Transport

From train station Ghent St-Pieters:

Take tram n°1 direction 'Wondelgem or Evergem'. Take the stop 'Gravensteen' (in front of the Castle of the Counts). From the square on follow directions to Hotel Harmony. This trip takes about 20 minutes.

By clicking here you can see how to get to the centre of Ghent when coming from Brussels Airport/Zaventem.


By car

Did you book a parking space or do you wish to drop off your luggage in the hotel?

Since April 2017, our hotel is situated in a car free zone (pedestrian area) and therefore only reachable with a permit. This permit is not a physical evidence, but is acknowledged on the basis of your license plate. We arrange this permit when you check in by online registration of your license plate. It’s not possible to do this in advance, this registration works retroactively.

Careful! The permit is only applicable to area “Tolhuis”. Thus it’s important you enter the city through the access roads ‘Tolhuislaan’ and ‘Doornzelestraat’. You can use following itinerary:

  • Via B401 direction Exit 1 Ledeberg
  • Turn right on the Keizers-overpass/R40 (click here for a picture)
  • Follow R40 until exit to the left ‘Tolhuislaan’. (click here for a picture)
  • Follow sector “Tolhuis”. (click here for a picture)
  • Follow 'Rodelijvekensstraat'
  • Turn right into 'Lange Steenstraat'
  • Follow the tram tracks and turn left into Geldmunt (ignore the prohibitory sign)
  • Turn left into 'Kraanlei'
  • Hotel Harmony is on your left

Please note that GPS-systems are not adapted to the new traffic plan yet. Once you are in ‘Tolhuislaan’ you do can use the GPS-system.

Click here for a clear map (from the exit ‘Tolhuislaan’):

Once arrived at the hotel we will register your license plate and this way you will have your permit for that day (and the next days). Like this you can get in and out of the city whenever you want. However, do take sector “Tolhuis” at all times to enter the city.

To reach public parkings you don’t need to go through car free areas (and therefore you don’t need a permit). The closest public parkings are ‘Vrijdagmarkt’ (P1) and ‘Ramen’ (P8). See Publieke parkings in Gent.